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assessment: measuring engagement.

E-squared is dedicated to the area of assessment and believes this to be one of the most important gaps in processes left out of quality work completed.

It doesn’t matter how great the idea or project. If there isn’t a return, or at least a value, on the investment, then the endeavor wasn’t beneficial. Too often, especially in education, we work to have worked rather than to have accomplished or grown.

(vision: terrarium with no lid)

To stay relevant in the next century we must become more efficient with our resources. One major way of accomplishing this is to invest our resources more wisely. Typically we see this as financial capital but we must extend this notion to the more convergent issue at hand: how to utilize our human and technological capital more effectively as well.

Assessment has always been the primary source of efficiency. Regardless of the decision process using better assessments can make the course of action more efficient and effective.

E-squared is dedicated to using a model which includes ROI, VOI, and TCO as primary benchmarks for decision making. This also expands into products with which we use to consult as well as the portfolios of the students with which we are working.

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