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develop: Engagement is flow.

E-squared is currently developing projects with many of our partners to spread the philosophy throughout the digital world. The Engaged Technology Institute project, housed at founding-institution Tennessee State University, has deployed a guided-system model that follows supply-chain principles. These principles have helped create a University-based knowledge network that turns on Engaged Technology much like the NCAA turns on athletics.

The DMSC Governor’s Challenge ,  a competition- based academic model, spreads digitally-enhanced, engaged scholarship and entrepreneurship throughout university systems.


As an example - Students often don’t enter the workplace with a solid understanding of the value of their skills. They often work on academic projects with no real world value.

As students progress through an Engaged Technology Institute program, they will track the time they spend on projects, doing various tasks, and quantify their quality.

Students practice desired behaviors until they reap real dollars. Simulation design allows ETI to extend ’sandbox’ solutions to real world problems. 

e-squared is currently working with and through other organizations to constantly develop and push the envelope of academic technology and programming that seeks to harness the power of engagement.